Our Team

Melody Kramer and Betsy O’Donovan are the cofounders and principals of Hedgehog and Fox. We have led teams and projects at local and national media organizations, in the federal government, and at global non-profits. We work with a deep bench of designers, developers and creative talent on behalf of organizations that want to think differently about their revenue models, audience and talent development, and digital and editorial strategy.

Our work has been commissioned by and featured in The Chicago Tribune; The New York Times; The Boston Globe; The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation; Poynter; Nieman Reports, Nieman Lab and Nieman Storyboard; The American Press Institute; Source; Fast Company; Editor & Publisher; Federal Times; Literary Journalism Studies; Associations Now; Current; Journalism.co.uk; Digiday; GigaOm; Quill from the Society of Professional Journalists; Publishers Weekly; and USA Today, among others.


StoryCorps turned to Hedgehog + Fox to help us think differently about our content strategy and what we were doing to reach new audience with our stories. They gave our teams a set of actionable ideas that were not only on point, but holistic in their consideration of what it takes to implement new ideas in our organization.

Any consultants can tell you best practices; Betsy and Mel gave us recommendations and ways of working that were achievable given the resources of a nonprofit, mission-driven media organization. Moreover, they modeled a design-centered way of prototyping, testing and learning that stuck with us. Thanks to our work with them, we can achieve wins and continue to evolve our content strategy, which is totally critical given constant changes in the media landscape.

I’ve referenced their work in funder reports and presentations, and when I added new team members this year, their reports were required reading. Every deliverable was rife with juicy insights from Betsy and Mel’s exceptional work in the fields of journalism, community engagement and digital media.
— Colleen J. Ross, StoryCorps' managing director, Marketing & Communications
Melody is the rare person who has a million ideas per minute and the meticulousness to execute the right ones.
— Benjamin Mullin, Digital media reporter, The Wall Street Journal and former managing editor, The Poynter Institute
Brave and audacious, surprising and systematic, Melody and Betsy are by far among the smartest media thinkers I know.
— Nick Quah, founder of Hot Pod Media
Betsy has that rare all-around brains that is expansively creative while also being grounded, practical and strategic. Bonus: she’s hilarious, able to win anyone over regardless of their rank or rancor.
— Jennifer Brandel, CEO of Hearken
There’s no need to belabor this. For putting the social into media and technology, the most creative person I know is Mel Kramer. If I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing, I would start with her.
— Jay Rosen, media scholar and professor, New York University
Betsy O’Donovan is the full package: whip-smart, nimble, creative, curious, eloquent, and tireless when it comes to solving complex problems. She is also pure joy to work with—a generous, receptive, energizing presence in any room. Can she be outfoxed? I haven’t seen it happen yet.
— Jen McDonald, freelance editor and former preview editor, The New York Times Book Review
Melody Kramer’s research has influenced my thinking on everything from content development to membership and revenue streams.
— Kristen Muller, chief content officer, Southern California Public Radio
Melody Kramer is a keen observer of our media landscape and one of the most forward-thinking people in the industry. She brings incredible wisdom, creative problem solving, and positive energy to every project and relationship. I couldn’t imagine someone I would want to work with more.
— Max Temkin, co-creator, Cards Against Humanity
Mel Kramer will teach you more in six months than you’ve learned in the past five years.
— Lauren Katz, senior engagement manager, Vox
With an unparalleled spirit of generosity and care, Mel always finds ways to connect people and ideas within and outside of journalism.
— Erika Owens, director of OpenNews
Melody’s approach, creativity, and knowledge make her an essential partner to help you reimagine your work, and make it better.
— Andrew Losowsky, project lead, The Coral Project
Betsy has a way of comfortably bringing legacy media organizations to new places — her creativity and positive energy are infectious.
— Chrissy Beck, general manager, The Duke Chronicle
Betsy has that rare mix of clear-eyed assessment and open-minded creativity. When you’re working with her and you come to what you think might be the end of the road, Betsy just builds another path by connecting diverse ideas and diverse people to come up with innovative solutions.
— Ryan Thornburg, director, Reese News Lab
Working with Melody is an exercise in truly embracing the opportunities in problem solving. Her broad interests and interactions with a variety of fields and topics manifest in truly creative thinking and new ways of approaching ideas and challenges. I walk away from every conversation with her filled with ideas for things to think about.
— Heather Bryant, Project Facet
Mel is the rare person who is able to quickly pitch a dozen great ideas and then actually deliver on all of them. Her curiosity, energy, experience, and discipline make her an ideal partner to tackle the most pressing issues staring down at us folks in media.
— Noah Chestnut, product director, Bleacher Report