Editorial + engagement
When we build strategy, we start with a deep dive into the organization, identifying choke points and sensitive areas and often bridging communication barriers between leadership and teams in the trenches. We improve good ideas, add concepts, identify gaps and opportunities, and make sure that your activities match your plans for sustainability and growth. And we excel at building attention and relationships around your work.

Hiring + retention
Our networks are broad, deep and inclusive, and we pay particular attention to emerging talent and simple ways that organizations can support and retain people from beyond the usual pipelines. While we don’t work like a traditional headhunting practice, we are pleased to help craft job descriptions and connect you to people who should be in your network and ideas for how to find the skills, perspectives and experiences that will build robust, diverse organizations.

How can the bedrock concept of public media support — “membership” — be broadened and strengthened? How can people contribute to their local news organizations through something other than money? And how can news organizations become more ingrained, more essential, to the communities they serve? We help organizations develop models that take as their starting point the understanding that building relationships with potential donors leads to their sustained support — in the form of time, money, and advocacy on behalf of the station.

You have a great idea! How are you going to use it to sustain and grow your organization?
We focus on revenue strategies that work with existing resources and capacity, and help you clearly identify what’s working, what isn’t, and how to understand the returns you receive from an investment of time, people and capital. We put things in plain terms and are particularly focused on bringing creative teams and newsrooms into conversations about money.


How do you introduce new employees to your work? Great onboarding reduces inefficiencies and ensures information is both accessible and discoverable; reduces the time that new hires need to understand the organization and their roles; and ensures that processes and workflows are in place so your work grow across teams and locations (in other words, it creates responsive loops so that onboarding materials can be adapted as new conditions, teams and information arise). Melody’s onboarding tools and concepts have been adapted by BuzzFeed, Vox and CreativeCommons, among other organizations.

Training + Workshops
We provide and facilitate training and workshops that help teams make connections, break down silos, and spark creativity.

Analysis + Ideas

Social + Digital Content
How do you know what connects with your digital audiences? How do you know it’s the best you can do? We provide a custom, 360-degree analysis of your social and digital presence and add a series of industry-specific case studies that demonstrate key lessons that you can adopt and adapt.

We write white papers steeped in research and context for academic journals and industry-focused publications.

We have the privilege of selecting our engagements based on what they can teach us and others about sustaining journalism, building community or including all voices in public life.

Our careers are rooted in community journalism, public and student media. Our rates and the connections we make between clients reflect our interest in a healthy and sustainable system for all.